Thinking about Christmas shopping?

Ok, so I’m not usually one for starting to promote Christmas quite this early, but it’s been an odd sort of a year in so many ways.  I honestly have no idea what our season is going to look like, and January, when we confidently placed a larger than normal stock order, seems such a distant memory!

So, to help you plan your Christmas, if you’re avoiding shops altogether or just limiting the number of times you leave the house, we’ve been adding the new Christmas decorations to a pre-order section on our website.  Our first stock delivery will be end of September/early October, so if you want to refresh your Christmas decorations or you simply add one new thing to the Christmas tree each year, we have something for you.

Christmas countdown

We’re expecting to be busier with online orders this year, as most of our markets look likely to be cancelled.  This means we will be relying on Royal Mail to get your orders to you, at a time when they are usually busier too.  Please make sure to order as early as possible to avoid the rush!

I will add any events that are going ahead to the events list plus our social media channels, so make sure you’re following us!

Cari xx

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