Planning for Christmas 2021

You would be forgiven for thinking January would be time to put our feet up after a busy few months, but in normal circumstances we would be planning ahead for Christmas 2021 by visiting the Harrogate trade fair.

As 2021 is starting in lockdown, of course there isn’t a trade fair to attend, but that doesn’t mean we’re putting our feet up!  We’ve already put an order in for delivery at the end of summer, and will be hopefully adding to it when the new ranges are released.

What sort of decorations would you like us to stock?

We’ve also completed our annual stocktake, which is never a job I enjoy, but it’s done now (yay!). With plans to expand in 2022 its only going to get harder.  Maybe a job to pass on to the children?

So, that’s it for now, everything done until the new Christmas range is added to the website.


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