Keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed!

We’ve finally had some good news.  For so long events were the main income source for us, so we were badly hit when they had to stop.  To be honest, I’ve sort of got used to not having regular monthly markets with my other business, even though I miss the face to face contact with my lovely customers, but the Christmas fairs I’ve really missed.

Last year we had one outdoor event out of a normally packed Oct/Nov/Dec.


As you can imagine, that made for a tricky season.  We had to revise our stock order, letting our supplier down at short notice.  It forced me to rethink the way our business is marketing itself, so I’ve been busy working on the website and trying to improve our online marketing – a steep learning curve for a seasonal business!

Things are looking a little better this year, so although I’ve planned for the switch to online sales (and still placed a large stock order), it looks like we might just manage three large events – provided nothing changes between now and then.  The news of two more events planning a return filled me full of hope for a better trading year.  Perhaps we’ll get to see you soon?

Cari xx

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