First market of the year!

It’s Sunday, and in two weeks time I have my very first market of the year.  Normally I would have attended several markets and events by the end of October, but 2020 has stopped much of normal life for everyone.  I feel very unprepared so am going to spend some time sorting myself out.

I’m very anxious for what this event will bring.  Having received the first part of our large stock order we really need sales, but in the past that feeling has led to desperation which is not what you want to portray!  Do I take all my stock as we normally do, or only take the minimum so we don’t have lots to carry backwards and forwards?  Do I take my cash float or assume everyone will pay by card?

It’s going to be good to feel that buzz from meeting up with other traders again, setting up and getting everything to look great on our stall.  I have really missed that.  I’m also hoping one of the children will help me film our day too, as I’d love to show you behind the scenes (as we’d planned to before Covid reared it’s ugly head!).

Right, better get on with sorting everything out – now where did I put those tablecloths?


Cari xx

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