Are you being more organised this year?

Just lately I’ve been wondering if everyone will start their Christmas shopping earlier this year.  I think we all need something to look forward to, and with the risk of a second potential lockdown I suspect a lot will be looking to get themselves organised.

I’m making a list (just like the big man himself!) and top of that is running the freezer down.  We normally spend Christmas Day and Boxing Day with my parents, so expect this year to be a lot different (although there’s a slim chance we might still be able to go).  I need to stock up on all the Christmas treats to try and make it special for us, so I’m going to be adding a little extra to my shopping each week to spread the cost.

I’m thinking of doing the same with the present buying side, and I’m hoping to support as many small businesses as possible this year, as it’s been very challenging for all of us!

What plans do you have for Christmas?  Are you going to make it more special than normal because of the strange year we’ve all had?  Is Christmas going to be the same as every other year or have your plans been altered because of the restrictions in place?



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