A brief introduction

Well it is about time I introduced us all, isn’t it?  We are the Parker family, and I have a serious Christmas addiction.  I loved it as a child and have fond memories of our tradition of staying with my grandparents every year waiting for Santa to arrive.  We would help them decorate the tree, make Christmas foodie treats and various other fun activities while I suspect my parents would finish Christmas shopping before joining us on Christmas Eve.

When I had a family of my own, I wanted to make it just as magical.  We would always have Christmas at home, making it as special as we could for our children, before heading off up to my mums for Christmas dinner with the extended family.  Now the children are a little older, it isn’t as easy to make it magical – eldest no longer believes in Santa (I know, how can she think that?) and all the things they ask for are expensive gadgetty things which they spend the rest of the day glued to.

So in 2011 I decided I needed to do something to keep the magic alive, and The UK Christmas Store Limited was born.  Each year, in early January, I start to look at what I need to add to the range of products I have, and in August/September my order is finalised and delivery set for half term.  In between that I keep my eyes open for local crafters who have a Christmas range available which I can add to my store.

Christmas events start late September.  I do get the odd ‘it’s too early’ comment, but mostly people are happy to have a nosey at what I have and will buy something when they see it.  Things really hot up in November though, with many large Christmas Fairs every weekend which I get such a buzz from attending!

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